Before you proceed...

1. It is vitally important that you be prepared to exercise. As part of your registration process, you'll be asked to fill out a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). This form contains sensitive health information, but is kept strictly confidential, and indicates to us that you are able to exercise safely. IF YOU ANSWER YES to any questions on this form, we STRONGLY advise you bring it to your doctor to have that issue checked out. Medical approval is always required before beginning any new exercise or dietary strategy.

2. We are certified physical trainers and nutritionists. However, this is an ONLINE program. As such, we can provide instructions in the safe execution of movements and advise you on how to organize your meals around your goals. We CANNOT provide personal, one-on-one observation or correction, and meal plans are strategy guidelines ONLY. By agreeing to continue, you assume any risks associated with working out on your own, and understand that the exercises provided are for outline purposes only, and not for instructing the proper execution of those movements.

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