Finally...a SIMPLE fitness plan that fits your real-life schedule

Can you really build muscle in just 30 minutes a week?

The answer is a resounding YES!!
YPRB Simple Fit is designed to maximize your results by minimizing the time you spend at the gym.

No more excuses. Our next group starts soon!

Strength training in just 30 minutes a week
Full-body conditioning is just 10 minutes per day
No boring cardio, expensive equipment, or excuses!

The next 12-week group session starts April 5th, 2021.

Are you struggling to get back from the
"Quantine 15"?

You're not the only one!

Inactivity during COVID-19 has been a real problem for a lot of people.

On top of this, many busy professionals are having difficulty fitting their workouts into their work days.

Add to that the moms and dads out there whose kids have been attending virtual school while they themselves are working remotely from home.

Finding a solution to the challenges of home workouts and tight schedules isn't easy. But there has to be a way to do it, right?

Everyone is talking about self-care right now. Shouldn't health and fitness be at the top of that list?

What makes YPRB Simple Fit different?

Convenience, Simplicity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness


Do the workouts anywhere. You choose: gym, home gym, or your living room. It doesn't matter.


Easy-to-follow plan includes video guidance for almost every workout. Follow along with expert instructors.


Stop counting calories and wasting time (and money). YPRB specializes in distilling only what works


With full app access, you get everything you need on your computer or smart phone, anywhere, any time.

Stop wasting time, and start 
living the life you're working out for!

At a certain point, we busy adults have to ask the question: Why am I even working out?

The answer can be complex, involving a bunch of cliches about health and vitality and longevity. But the bottom line is what we're all really after:


We want to LIVE our lives. We want to be fit and strong so we can enjoy everything life has to offer for as long as we possibly can. 

But...we don't want to spend hours every day in the gym to do it.

Our Community Loves Our System
Because It is So Simple to Use...

...And Many Many More!

DISCLAIMER: Results above are from actual customers. Your individual results may vary. If you hare pregnant, nursing, suffer from heart disease or liver failure, we do not advise pursuing our fitness programs. You will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) upon registration. We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone on the basis of this assessment. No trainer will be present with you to assist in the event of heart attack or injury. The information provided in this program is informational only, demonstrating a program structure; your option to perform any of the exercises is entirely at your own discretion. You are strongly advised to seek the advice of a doctor or medical professional prior to beginning this, or any other, new exercise or diet program.

We've compressed every workout you need into the shortest amount of time possible:


weeks. That's how long I'm asking you to give me to get you on track to your best, fittest life. Just three months. You in?


minutes. That's how long you'll spend every day on conditioning. Heart pumping. Core busting. Conditioning.


minutes. That's how long you'll spend strength training EVERY WEEK. Not daily. Weekly. And you'll love the burn, too!

What You Will Learn:

Everything you need to know is built right into our very own training app, including:

Daily Conditioning

Each conditioning workout is just 10 minutes long, and targets a specific energy system.

Whether it's cardio, core, full-body burn, or back and hip mobility, you'll get an intense, effective workout in a tight, clean package.

No more trudging for hours on a treadmill or finding time for a fitness class. 10 minutes a day is all it takes to deliver spectacular, energizing results that have real impact. 

Get energized first thing in the morning, or take a break during the day. With routines this short, there's no excuse!

Strength Training

Building solid, strong muscle takes a lot of work, right? You need to spend at least two hours training each muscle group in isolation, right?

WRONG! That's old-school thinking. It might work for Mr. Olympia, but you're trying to get in shape as part of your lifestyle, not as your job!

Using techniques of super slow lifting combined with highly-targeted supersets, we're able to get the bulk of your muscle training down to just two workouts a week, in as little as 15 minutes (or less) each.

What To Eat

Or, more precisely when to eat. 

In this program, we're aiming to create long-lasting, healthy habits. This means providing guidance on the not only the optimal strategy for what to eat, but optimizing when you eat.

Forget fad diets and overcomplicated theories that you just can't stick to. This system is designed from Day 1 to be SIMPLE. 

Follow the outline, and learn to create an efficient and energizing relationship with food.


...of course there's an app for that.

Our unique system focuses on 
minimum effective load, 
ensuring you're not wasting time or energy...

Plus, your training plan comes with a BUNCH of awesome features:

Daily reminders to do the work you signed on to do. No more trying to squeeze it in.
In-app workout guidance, follow-along videos, and group messaging for encouragement.
In-app progress tracking that also connects to your Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, or Withings tracking.
12 weeks of training for the most efficient, most effective training loads you'll find anywhere, all loaded into your own personal training calendar, which you can view on your smartphone or desktop computer.
Effective, adaptable workouts that you can change up yourself to keep them interesting. Don't feel like bench press? Do push ups instead!
Learn the six basic movement patterns that tackle every major muscle group, so you only have to train twice a week!
Take on ten minutes a day of heart-pumping conditioning that challenges your whole body, primes you for an amazing day, and jacks up your metabolism.
Get the complete outline of what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it, distilled down to the simplest formula possible to increase energy and reduce fat.
Train in a way that's specifically made to prevent injury, concentrate on perfect form, and build strong, lean muscle.
Spend as little time as possible training, so you can get back to LIVING!

The next 12-week group session starts April 5th, 2021.

Your Trainer

So, who is this guy, anyway?

Steve Baric is an ISSA Elite Trainer, Nutritionist, and Transformation Specialist, as well as a certified Master Life Coach. As the founder of the Man Under Construction Project, he helps men recover from the trauma and confusion of divorce. His fitness challenge, Your Personal Reset Button, has helped dozens of busy moms and dads shed extra pounds and reset their metabolic hormones in the privacy of their own homes.

Steve is a busy entrepreneur, coach, marketing executive, and dad. Finding he had very little time to waste with long, ineffective workouts meant zeroing in on the systems and strategies that WORK, and cutting out all the hype and flourish.

Now, with YPRB Simple Fit, he's aiming to help busy professionals get in shape -- and stay that way! -- by making the best possible use of their workout time.

Families love it because it's now possible to fit intense and effective, but safe, exercise into their super busy everyday lives. Professionals love it because it maximizes their most valuable asset; time; and gives them a full state-primed workout that they can throw down literally anywhere in just 10 minutes.


If you're not 100% satisfied with your program, for ANY reason at all, simply email us and we'll refund you the entire cost of your program.

Of course we want you to give it a try and do your best. And we're committed to helping you succeed. But if you don't like it, you don't want it, or you can't do it, not a problem. Even if you're on Week 12.

We just want you to be happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get a good workout so fast?

Yes. Yes you can. Studies show that for most people, there isn't a significant difference in cardiovascular conditioning between doing 10 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day of exercise. So if you're not training for a marathon, why train for a marathon?

Is this a keto plan?

Sort of, but not strictly. We do start off by doing what's called "carb cycling." You'll eat a few servings on the days when you're doing strength training, but none on the days you don't. And of course you can have foods you enjoy on the weekend. Just don't overdo it.

What equipment do I need?

This is the coolest part. While we do offer up example exercises, you're not stuck doing the exact routines. For example, you could do push ups, bench press, or dumbbell presses for your chest. You could do knee or incline push ups if you need to modify further. It's up to you!

So, you can do this in a full gym, or at home using bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands, or a couple of bricks. Whatever you have on hand, make it work!

What about fasting?

On non-strength days, we recommend doing a 16:8 fast, just to give your system a bit of time to rest and recover. This will also help boost your leptin production, which burns stored fat for energy.

If you NEED to, you can also add a full-day fast on Sundays, just to recover from your Saturday refeed. That part is up to you. But it's not a strict IF plan.

Can I still run/hike/bike with my kids?

Definitely! Our workouts are intense, but they're safe. There's virtually no risk of overtraining, and I 100% encourage you to get outside and have fun!!

Even if you're into team or recreational sports, rock climbing, or weekend kayak trips on the rapids, this program is a great add-on to your practice.

The whole point is, what are you working out FOR if not to be able to enjoy life to the fullest? Go get some!!

Can a vegan/vegetarian do this?

Of course!

As a nutritionist, I can provide general guidelines for optimizing the types of nutrients you eat and when. But I'm not here to create highly precise meal plans for you. 

If you're vegan, kosher, halal, gluten-free, or allergic to shellfish, you probably already know what you can and can't eat. Work it into the plan provided, focusing on protein and healthy fats, and cut back on sugars and starchy carbs, and you'll be in great shape!

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