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Step 5: Sleep

As I mentioned earlier, hormones play a vital role in how your body uses and stores fat. While working around the insulin / leptin cycle is the most important factor for many people, the majority of us have one more culprit in the fat storage battle: cortisol. 

Cortisol is an essential hormone. It’s what keeps us alive in extreme conditions, so it’s not surprising that it kicks into gear when we’re experiencing stress. Its job is to make sure we have enough energy to be active on a moment’s notice (fight or flight response), and that we won’t starve while staying in that state of readiness. 

Fortunately there is one trick to help us reduce the amount of stress we experience day-to-day. While exercise and structure are great things to add to your daily schedule, and I always recommend meditation as a practice, the number one solution for stress induced cortisol production is get more sleep

You read that right: getting more sleep can help you reduce your stress levels by a significant amount. For the majority of people in North America, quality sleep is elusive. Nearly all of us suffer from chronic fatigue, and aside from the cognitive and emotional strain this puts on us, the physiological impact is enormous. 

Oh...did I mention that increased belly fat from cortisol also increases estrogen production, which further impedes testosterone production? Fun, huh? 

This one strategy will not only prove enormously helpful to your waistline, but will also improve your mood, give you more energy throughout the day, and could potentially make you a better warrior. Oh, and your heart will be super happy as well.

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