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Simply, the most effective weight-loss and metabolic reset system you'll ever try.

Let's Review...

So, if you've made it this far, you know the five things you have to focus on to truly accelerate your fat loss are:

Resistance Training
Burst Training
Strategic Eating

What we haven't talked about yet is why most diet and exercise programs fail to deliver lasting results, and why people have such a hard time sticking to their plans in the first place.

So...let's talk about that.

The Problem...

Here’s the thing.

Almost everything we’re traditionally taught about weight loss is completely wrong.

I know…that’s a brutal reality to hit home. But ask yourself: have you been successful in your weight loss journey so far? Have you found yourself struggling with small victories here and there, mixed with what seems like a two steps forward, five steps back pattern of diet and exercise?

I have. And I got sick of it. So I did something about it.

I researched, I tested, and I learned everything I could about how the body works, how fat is actually burned off, and what we’re told about healthy eating that’s actually not true!

The fact is, it comes down to several key factors:


When it comes to fat loss, the traditional wisdom is settled on “more is better” cardio training. What this actually does is makes you better at exercising, and has very little to do with how you use fat for energy. The “fat burning” heart rate zone only works if you’re already primed for it. If your metabolism is slow, you’re going to get better at distance, not at burning fat. The key to using stored energy is to be inefficient. That secret alone will shave countless hours off your weight loss journey.


Part of the trick, then, is to make smart food choices, along with strategic exercise choices. For foods, it’s not just about when you eat or how much, but also the source of the calories you consume that matters. Resetting your hormones and building muscle in a way that keeps your metabolism firing is the key to rapid fat loss results.


It turns out, even though we're taught about "calories in / calories out" and all the rules surrounding how we consume and use energy, we're still not a closed system. Our body chemistry is regulated by our hormones, and those hormones dictate whether we use the energy we consume, or store it. All of this is in response to how we eat, when we eat, how much time we spend eating every day, and how we regulate our own movement.

That, it turns out, is the key to unlocking your body's fat-burning potential.

So...what's the answer?

What was needed was a single program that takes the guesswork out of weight loss, ends the confusion over what to do at what times, and was simple enough for total beginners to do at home with minimal coaching.

It had to be quick, effective, and easy to follow. And it had to allow normal folks to at least enjoy a meal out with their friends and family once a week!

So combining the latest in weight loss and conditioning research with the practicality I knew I needed as a busy dad and business owner, I compiled Your Personal Reset Button — a new, comprehensive, and extremely practical weight loss system that could work for practically anyone.


A comprehensive training and nutrition system, designed for real people who lead real lives, who need real results;
quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

I started testing YPRB's strategies on my clients all the way back in 2012. When I started seeing results there, I began YPRB groups online in 2014. Initially I did these for free, just to see if others could get the same results I and my clients had. 

Well, it turns out the average fat lost over the course of the 12-week program is 20 lbs.

20 lbs. On average.

Some people who start out in better shape lose less. Some with more to lose will lose more. But...20 lbs. in 12 weeks is a pretty amazing average any way you slice it!

Every client who's gone through the group and individual training program has consistently reported:

Faster fat burning results.
Continued fat burning even after the program.
Feeling stronger, leaner, and more energized.
Improved digestion.
Improved mood.
Deeper, better quality sleep.
Less stress and tension.
Looking and feeling better than they have in ages.

In fact, we've even seen some pretty unexpected results, including clients gaining an inch in height (due to stronger core and lower back muscles improving posture), feeling less pain (due to reduced weight supported by their knees and feet), and experiencing fewer headaches.

Now, I'm not going to say that this program will cure any problem you have; I wouldn't even mention those results if they weren't so surprising to me! But it does one thing well, and that's...


That's what we're here for, right?

And yes, we have the testimonials to prove it. You may have seen them on the previous pages, but here they are again:

And there are more coming in all the time!

How YPRB Works

Your Personal Reset Button works by helping you regulate your metabolic hormones so they work in a more natural, efficient way. We rebuild your daily habits, adjust your relationship with food, and create a metabolic environment that prefers to give you more energy rather than storing it up for the future.

YPRB has four key benefits that all our clients really love:

Lose Weight

Shed body fat without sacrificing muscle mass and tone!

Build Healthy Habits

Living healthy isn't just about following a plan. It's about creating habits you can actually stick to.

Have More Energy

When you're not constantly digesting food, and you're not constantly storing up energy for later, your body actually creates MORE energy, focus, and well being!

Create Lasting Results

Unlike many programs that stop working the minute you do, this is a RESET program. That means it's a return towards your body's natural, optimized condition. As a result, our clients report that their results have lasted long after the end of the program, even if they've slipped a bit back into their old habits. 


In addition to losing weight, building healthy habits, getting more energy, and creating results that last, YPRB 

is easy to follow
works on YOUR schedule
doesn't require a gym or expensive equipment
takes anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes a day
still lets you enjoy special meals with your family or friends
can be adapted to any age or fitness level (with doctor approval)

In fact, I'm especially proud of that last one. We've helped people, men and women, right across the spectrum; from a competitive runner in her 30s making a comeback after her second child, to a lady in her 60s weighing 296 lbs. suffering from knee and shoulder pain; from a grandmother and active outdoor enthusiast looking to lean out before hiking season, to a fit triathlete coming back from "a little too much comfort food during COVID."

PLEASE NOTE: This program isn't for everyone. It isn't only partly trainer-supported, so you need to be prepared to work HARD and tough it out through some challenging workouts -- and fasting days -- if you're going to get optimal results. If you'd like to see results but you suffer from mobility, heart, lung, or blood pressure issues, are diabetic, or if you're a senior, nursing mother, pregnant, or recently gave birth, I'd prefer you send me an email so we can discuss your situation and get you working on a program, in coordination with your health team, that's right for YOU!

ALWAYS discuss changes to your exercise, nutrition, and supplementation plans with your doctor or primary healthcare provider. 

But read on...

What do you get, and how does it come together?
(Our next online group is starting January 10th, 2022!!)

The YPRB system combines METABOLIC RESISTANCE TRAINING (MRT), HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT), and INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) to deliver fast, effective, and powerful results.

We don't start you off in the deep end, however. The first phase sets you up with some very simple mobility workouts (literally only 4 minutes a day), and gradually builds the intensity until you're starting to break a sweat. At the same time, we being gradually structuring your daily meals to fit within an 8-hour window. We eliminate sugars, and eventually all carbohydrates during the week, and give you all day Saturday to eat whatever you want.


In the second phase, we introduce some serious workouts. These are the longest workouts of the plan, and they can take up to 40 minutes, so be prepared. The goal of these workouts is to lay a foundation of muscle development and capacity to enable you to really go flat-out on your intensity. At this point, we reduce your Sunday meals to supper only, which gives you a break from the "treat day" that was your Saturday. It's tougher, but it's totally doable. Meals during the week SHOULD consist of two protein-based smoothies and a sensible dinner (it's all in the manual).

The final phase is my favorite. It's called "The Metabolic Nightmare," and it's just a fun, horror-movie themed set of workouts that are designed to really slay your energy systems and get your heart pumping. We include all of the cardio routines and challenges you need to complete this phase. In this phase, you have the OPTION of doing one or two shake-based meals plus dinner. Your Saturday treat is down to supper only, and your Sunday is a full fast (it usually works out to 36 hours). I know that sounds tough, but we've had literally dozens of people do this with no issues. The goal is to create that insulin spike on Saturday, and give your leptin a chance to work its magic on Sunday.

And it works. Every. Single. Time.

So, what's it cost?

I knew you were going to ask that (because I'm the one writing it)!

Listen, hiring a personal trainer and nutrition coach to walk you through all of this stuff can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Add to that the cost of a gym membership, gear, apps, equipment, get the idea.

Now, if you were to hire ME as a coach to help you with these online, it would run you $400 a month just for workouts and habit coaching.

But it's not going to cost you hundreds a month.

Before I tell you what it WILL be, let me just run down what you get...


The YPRB Training Program Manual

This is the complete step-by-step manual for the entire 12-week plan. Along with it, you'll get:

Complete nutrition guidance
Recommendations for exercise substitutions (no pull-up bar? No problem!)
Printable training calendar

All The Trackers You Need

Macronutrient Calculator 
Weekly Measurement Tracker (printable)
Weekly Body Composition Calculator (Excel & Google Sheets)
Printable Workout Checklist

That means you're getting:

The YPRB Training Manual
Actual messaging access to your trainer (me!)
FREE access to my training app, which includes all your timers, example videos, and more
All your downloadable checklists, schedules, calculators, and trackers

All online value, for just...


(Holy crap, right?)

So listen...I don’t usually offer this as a downloadable package, as I really enjoy running my groups. There’s no telling when I’ll be taking this page down. Because of this, I’m thinking of dropping this downloadable feature at the end of the year, just to make sure I’m able to get more people training with me personally.

So, if you want to check it out and see how effective this program really is, NOW is the time to act. It’s a 12-week program, so you’re going to want to get started right away! Plus, once you’ve downloaded it, it’s yours FOREVER. You can come back to it any time you like, either just to hit some workouts you enjoy or to run the whole program again.

But whatever you do, make your decision soon. Because it might not be around long enough for you to keep thinking about it!

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