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Your Personal Reset Button is a unique, comprehensive fitness and weight loss program that combines the latest research in intermittent fasting with killer high-intensity resisted interval training to provide a complete weight loss training system in just ten weeks.


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YPRB Two-Week Quick Start Manual


We know it can be tough starting a new program. It's even harder starting a new habit. Put those two together, and you have all the makings of an excuse not to even begin! We've solved that by giving you a two-week quick start program -- a program before the program. This manual gets you set up with scheduling your meals and building your workouts from the most basic level. Even if you're an advanced exerciser, this is a good way to step back and start at the beginning.

YPRB Program Manual


This is it: the REAL DEAL. This four-week program takes you through the process of adjusting your eating patterns for maximum hormonal response, while giving you the compact, high-intensity workouts that tone and strengthen muscles while increasing overall metabolic burn. It's not just about the calories you burn while you're training; what happens after you work out is critical as well. These workouts are designed to increase your overall metabolic output while making the most effective use of your time, whether at home or at the gym.

Macronutrient Calculator


Before you can plan your meals, you need to know what to eat! This basic macro calculator will give you a quick calculation for your dietary needs for the duration of the program, along with a breakdown of protein, fat, and carbohydrate requirements. The majority of the program consists of a 60/40 split of fats and proteins, with only incidental carbs coming from vegetables. This is the fastest way to shed unwanted body fat and maintain or grow your muscle mass.

Measurement & Body Composition Calculator


The scale works to measure weight, but this is a deceptive measurement when you consider how much dense muscle weighs. By tracking measurements at various points of your body, you can get a clearer picture of your overall progress without the subjective number on the scale (or the mirror). Separate calculations are provided for men and women, as we carry body fat in different ways. This is then used to calculate an approximate value for overall body fat percentage, which is a more useful measure of fitness and weight loss progress.

BONUS: YPRB 15-Minute Mass Attack


Looking for a fast, effective way to gain strength and build muscle after your initial YPRB run? Look no further than the YPRB 15-Minute Mass Attack. This program provides a high-intensity training regimen that gives you the basics of muscle-building volume sets designed to create dense, strong muscle in the shortest time possible. It won't train you for Olympia, but it will get you primed to take on whatever program you decide to take on next!


Get ongoing, full access to all of our new workouts, tools, Q&A's and much, much more!!


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    • 15-Minute Mass Attack BONUS
    • Done-For-You Sample Meal Plans
    • YPRB Metabolic Nightmare Four-Week Extension
    • YPRB 10-12-15 Conditioning Challenge Program
    • YPRB Volume Training Program
    • Full Access to ALL Extras, Bonuses, and New Workouts!!