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Fat Loss Made Simple

When it comes to burning fat, traditional wisdom tells us to simply restrict calories and do more cardio.


That kind of works, but ultimately what happens?


We get better and more efficient at exercising, and we get hungry. Not a good combination!


What science tells us, however, is that it's not just how much we eat, but what and when we eat that makes all the difference. And it tells us that the secret to being leaner is to work out smarter, more intensely, and with INEFFICIENCY as the main goal!


Think about it: if your car is inefficient, it means it's burning more gas than it needs to. If your home is inefficient, it's using more energy than it needs to. If your body is trained to be efficient, what does that mean?


It means you're training it to do more by burning fewer calories.


Uh-oh! want your body to be INEFFICIENT as much as possible, so that you're burning more calories at rest than you need to survive. That's how your body uses up extra stored energy.


Stored energy in the body is called "fat." That's the stuff we want to burn off.


Your Personal Reset Button is designed to train your body to burn fat around the clock, reset your fat burning and muscle building hormones, and keep you feeling amazing!

The Solution Was So Simple...

What was needed was a single program that takes the guesswork out of weight loss, ends the confusion over what to do at what times, and was simple enough for total beginners to do at home with minimal coaching.


It had to be quick, effective, and easy to follow. And it had to allow normal folks to at least enjoy a meal out with their friends and family once a week!


So combining the latest in weight loss and conditioning research with the practicality I knew I needed as a busy dad and business owner, I compiled Your Personal Reset Button -- a new, comprehensive, and extremely practical weight loss system that could work for practically anyone.


I pulled together:

Progressive intermittent fasting strategies to boost the fat-burning hormone leptin

Careful carbohydrate cycling to control spikes in the fat-storing hormone insulin.

High-intensity resistance workouts that boost the muscle-building hormone testosterone

Highly metabolic training that limits the stress hormone cortisol

Easy-to-follow macronutrient, diet, and exercise plans that anyone can do at home

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  • 10-Week YPRB Nightmare

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