Next session starts October 4th, 2021:

Forget personal training. This is personal transformation.

60 Days of Grit is a Mental Toughness Program for Transformation

Stack habits that can change your life.
Take control of the things YOU control.
Put your bullshit excuses on the shelf and GET SHIT DONE.
Shift your mindset to your goals, not what's holding you back.
Get ready. It's #GRINDTYME!!

"I haven't felt this good since before having my children. This program has allowed me to make positive lifestyle changes and for that I am grateful."


Cobourg, ON

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We just had two of the toughest years on record.

How is your 2021 going to end?

Hi. I'm Steve Baric, ISSA-Certified Elite Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Transformation Specialist. I'm also a fully certified Master Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner, NLP Coach, and Small Business Consultant.

Your resilience is the mark of the kind of toughness you earn through hard work, determination, and grit. 

Have you let the pandemic wear you down? Did you use it as an excuse to dig into your bad habits? Have you let negative messages and negative people put you in a victim mindset?

Or...did you use the "new normal" as a kick in the ass to get moving? Did you take the downtime to pivot in your career and business? Did you take all those extra opportunities to get in shape?

This new program is designed to help you decide, once and for all, which direction you're going to choose. It isn't easy, but it is worth it.

It's called 60 Days of Grit (#60DOG), and it's a game changer.

Let me explain...

"How you do anything is how you do everything."

~ Bedros Keuilian

"Grit" is the crossroads where motivation and perseverance meet hard work and effort.

It sounds hard, I know. But you're a grown up. I don't have to tell you that to get big rewards you have to put in the hard work. At the same time, you need to get past the idea that you deserve a break and that your bad habits are just you "relaxing" because you've earned it.

Look around you. Look at yourself.

Now, look at the highest achievers -- the billionaires, athletes, and celebrities.

Now, ask yourself: did they ever stop because they were tired? Did they get paid the least someone was willing to pay them, so they could "deserve" to slack off on the weekends? Did they skip their workouts because they just "weren't feeling it today?"

Probably not. 

Take a look at these two pictures:

Yeah, that's me. 

On the left, 2008. Musician. Married. Pre-diabetic.

On the right, 2013. Single (full time) dad, working 3 part-time jobs and building two businesses.

The difference?

On the right I adopted the motto:


Get it? I figured out that it was MY choice whether I changed what I was doing, or kept going on my current path. All my little aches and pains, my tiredness, my lack of motivation, were all just me being comfortable with a level of discomfort that didn't push me to change.

It was up to me to make that move. And, as a dad I knew I had make sure I was around for my kid. Not for me. Not for my dating life. Not for my job. I had actual humans who depended on me and who I had to show up for each and every day.

That's my story? What's yours?

Rhonda L.

Highland Lakes, NJ

"I highly recommend this program. To anyone looking to make a change, this is the place to start!"

So, let's cut to the chase...

You're looking for a program to help you get in shape. Well, this is the starting point.

You're looking for a program to help you take control of your bad habits. Well, we can get you set up for that too.

You're looking for a program that's going to refocus your vision on what you WANT, instead of constantly thinking about what you don't want. Yup. That's here.

You're looking for a program that's going to give you that mindset tweak to finally prove to yourself that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

This is that program.

In our next session, beginning OCTOBER 4th, 2021, you're going to be checking off a daily list that's going to help you:

Learn HOW and WHEN to exercise.
Dial in the basics of controlled breathing and meditation.
Control what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat.
Read like a high-achieving entrepreneur.
Isolate and dominate the habits and mind games that are holding you back.
Practice the kind of self-reflection and mindset training top achievers do every day.
Get rid of time wasters that don't directly feed your goals.
Fight through fatigue, boredom, and procrastination.
Be merciless with yourself!

Get In Shape

You don't need to follow the plans provided, but you do need to follow a plan. Dig in HARD and get working on those results!

Set Clear Goals

Forget about daydreaming. Get clear about your goals, your purpose, and your mission. Find your WHY and toss the distractions!

Get More Done

It's not just about working more. It's about working SMARTER. Get more done in less time, and actually see the needle move on your goals!

There will be rules you'll need to follow. The entire program is app-based, so once you're enrolled you'll get an invite to sign up for the app (it's free). You can access it from your phone or desktop.

You'll need to log in every day and complete the daily tasks. By the end of the program, you'll be expected to:

Do TWO workouts a day of at least 30 minutes each. One of them must be outside (regardless of the weather).
Stick to a healthy eating program. If you don't know what that looks like, I will help you. Or pick one you're familiar with. But ZERO CHEAT MEALS, and no exceptions!! (OK, maybe one Thanksgiving dinner -- but only one!)
Drink at least 120 oz. of water a day (that's about 8 bottles of water, or 4 liters).
Read 10 pages of a business, marketing, or entrepreneurship book every day. By the end, that's 600 pages, or an average of two full books. Again, I can help you pick a good one.
Identify the habits, resources, people, activities, or other distractions that you have that separate you from high achievers...and, if you're really ready to gut it out, handle them.

Steve Beauchamp

Seattle, WA

"Steve Baric knows what he's doing. I've made his teaching a way of life."

Are you ready?

Stop thinking about it. You KNOW the only way to BE different is to DO different.

Who's gonna give it to you?

If the answer is "nobody," (which I guarantee it is!), then this is your last chance in 2021 to make sure YOU take command of what you YOU need to do.


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