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Listen: I know you're busy. Your day is already packed as it is. You don't have time to spend hours at the gym, cranking out long boring cardio sessions on the treadmill or listening to someone shout slogans at you in a crowded class.


You certainly don't want to go BACK again after work to do your strength training, hoping you can find a bench among all the other worn-out, cranky 9 to 5ers who are just trying to get ahead on their New Year's resolutions.


And then there's the dieting. Are you supposed to go low-calorie? Keto? Gluten free? IF? FODMAP? Is there a perfect diet plan? If there is, how do you know you're doing the right one? Will you have to starve, or eat so much you'll feel like bursting?


Did you know that gym memberships skyrocket in the month of January, but actual attendance at the gym plummets within the first four to six weeks of the year? It's true. And it's because people are overwhelmed with information, worn ragged by actually exercising too much, and disappointed with the slow results.


Well, as it turns out, there is a simpler way to get started. And it all begins with recognizing that you don't need to be so hardcore right at the beginning. The first thing you need is to reset your metabolic hormones.


And this is surprisingly easy to do, with just a 10-week time commitment, some simple modifications to your eating schedule, and a little guidance.


Oh, and about 30 to 40 minutes a day of working out at home.


Oh, and pizza on the weekends. Did I mention that?


Think about how much more effective and encouraging your weight loss journey could be, if only it were made up of elements like these:

"It's official, I've lost 40 lbs of fat (twice through the program) in addition to gaining muscles, feeling full of energy and, confirmed by my doctor, healthier than he's ever seen me, blood panel proving it. Thank you Steve for the guidance and motivation. Anyone wants a good life coach, I'd recommend you any time."


- Julie Gelinas

Burn Fat Fast

Real people need to see real results, real fast! That's why this program was designed in the first place. In just 10 weeks, you could lose anywhere from 15-20 lbs, and learn to keep it off, by just resetting your key metabolic hormones: insulin, leptin, and cortisol.

More energy!

Unlike many programs, which promise effective results AFTER running yourself into the ground and burning out, this program actually resets your energy systems so you sleep better, have more energy when you're awake, and start to really enjoy the experience of your fitness journey.

"Started at 186.8 lbs and last weight was 162.4 which means I lost 24.4 lbs. I am really pleased with this and have so much more energy. My clothes are fitting looser. Overall I am very pleased but looking forward to doing more!"


- Kim Baxter

"You and the program were amazing!! I'm so glad I joined in!!! I had lots of fun and really started focusing on strength which is going to be very beneficial to my overall journey. Steve you are a great, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging coach! I plan on using your workouts very often. I would totally recommend this to anyone!!"


- Debora Alvim Pimenta

Fits your busy schedule!

You have a busy life. I get that: I have two kids, a job, a business, and sometimes even a social life. Finding time to hit the gym for hours at a stretch can be just enough of a challenge that it prevents you from sticking wit it. This program eliminates that challenge by using simple daily workouts that no more than 30 to 40 minutes, start to finish.

Fast, effective workouts

Almost everyone who takes this program as their key to weight loss does the workouts at home. That's right: no expensive equipment, maybe a few dumbbells, and that's it. As convenient as it gets. Even the nutrition plan is easy to follow. We've scrapped the calorie calculations and kitchen scales, and opted for a simpler, straightforward plan that anyone can follow.

"Loved this! Everything was easy to understand and follow. I didn't need an entire gym full of equipment to be successful with the workouts. It wasn't just the weight loss that kept me going, the workouts gave me a ton of energy and made me feel great! I highly recommend this program. To anyone looking to make a change, this definitely is the place to start."


- Rhonda Morris-Levine

So who am I?

Hi. I'm Steve Baric.


I am an ISSA-Certified Elite Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Transformation Specialist. Over nearly 20 years, I've been working in and studying the fitness and weight loss industry. I've worked with clients right across the spectrum, from martial artists to seniors with arthritis. One thing they all have in common: they all find the diet and wellness industry confusing and less than trustworthy!


That's why I've put so much effort into demystifying health and nutrition. It's important to me that people get the right information for them, so they can develop healthy lifestyle that's not only effective, but sustainable. Your Personal Reset Button is only phase one, of course. It's challenging, but it's not meant as a permanent solution. It's here to give you the tools you need to get started, change your habits, and reset your hormonal environment so it's optimized for health.

In this unique program, I've pulled together:

Progressive intermittent fasting strategies to boost the fat-burning hormone leptin

Careful carbohydrate cycling to control spikes in the fat-storing hormone insulin.

High-intensity resistance workouts that boost the muscle-building hormone testosterone

Highly metabolic training that limits the stress hormone cortisol

Easy-to-follow macronutrient, diet, and exercise plans that anyone can do at home

The answer you're looking for is right here...

Typically, you could spend $87 on the full program. Or you could subscribe for $30 a month.


Or you could hire me to train you online for $247 a month.


Or for nearly $500 you could get a sixty day personal development package based on your goals.


Or, you can skip all the overly detailed stuff I just said, and start by saving half off today, and see results as quickly as your first week.


That's not all, of course.


In this special offer package, you're going to get access to the complete program, plus a couple of bonus follow-ups you can use to maximize your results. You get:


  • The YPRB Two-Week Quick Start Plan
  • The YPRB Four-Week Main Program (valued at $47)
  • The YPRB Metabolic Nightmare Four-Week Extension Plan (valued at $47)
  • The YPRB 10-12-15 Conditioning Challenge Program
  • The YPRB Volume Training Program
  • The Bonus YPRB 15-Minute Mass Attack Workout
  • PLUS
  • All your meal plans and body composition analysis spreadsheets, ready to download.

What we don't want...


No more long, boring cardio sessions


No gym membership required


We cut through the crap and give you exactly what you need


What we do want...

High Intensity

Short, highly effective and progressive resistance workouts


Work out at home in your own time


Workouts in under an hour -- most are just 30 minutes!



"Down almost 8lbs and just over an inch in the waist and in the hips. Seeing definition everywhere, which is super exciting, and feeling healthy and well rested which is an improvement in itself!"


- Amy Kee, Toronto


"Lost a total of 15lbs, 6 inches lost off of the waist and 5 off of the stomach. I am celebrating today with a Kitkat. thank you to you all for the support and being a part of this leg of my journey."

- Steve Beauchamp, Seattle


"I was 177lbs at the beginning and as of this morning, I am 159.4!! So down 17.6 pounds. I was a size 14 when I started and I am now in my pre-pregnancy size 10 pants. Thank you, Steve for being the only person to get through to me."

- Manuela B., Thunder Bay, ON

"Loved this! Everything was easy to understand and follow. I didn't need an entire gym full of equipment to be successful with the workouts. It wasn't just the weight loss that kept me going, the workouts gave me a ton of energy and made me feel great! I highly recommend this program. To anyone looking to make a change, this definitely is the place to start. I loved the structure of the program and its simplicity. I will be recommending it to everyone. So thank you once again, Steve Baric, it has been amazing."


- Rhonda Morris-Levine | Lost 21.8 lbs

"I definitely want to keep things going. Thanks for all your help and advice throughout the 10 weeks."


- Ashley Beda | Lost 25.4 lbs

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